First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP)

The First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP) is a program designed to help support First Nation educators through proposal based funding. The funding is designed to support the ongoing needs of First Nation youth from kindergarten to grade 12 on reserve. FNSSP seeks to support the ongoing efforts to improve student and school results.

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About The Program

The First Nation Student Success Program supports activities in the area of reading and writing (literacy), mathematics (numeracy) and encouraging students to remain in schools (student retention).

The activities funded through this program are required to include three interrelated components:

  1. School Success Plans - These set out goals, activities, and targets to help improve the student achievement levels in literacy, numeracy, and student retention.
  2. Student Learning Assessments - Designed to support the school success planning process. Schools participate in appropriate standardized testing. The assessment results help to identify areas of improvement.
  3. Performance Measurement - A way for schools to assess, report, and take the necessary steps to accelerate the progress made by students and schools. Performance measurement allows schools to set targets and monitor the results to help inform parents and community members.

FNSSP Employees

Through the FNSSP proposal, KOBE has been able to hire the following staff to support the 5 KO schools in the area of literacy, numeracy, student retention, and technology:

  • Jonathan Woolley - FNSSP Coordinator
  • Rose Kakekagumick - Numeracy Lead
  • Stephanie Mushinski - Assessment Lead
  • Melissa Major - Student Retention Lead
  • Annette Berry - Early Literacy Lead
  • Barb Matousek - Later Literacy Lead
  • Katie Burch - 21st Century Technology Lead

2017/2018 Activities

  • Purchase of iPads and cases to support the 1:5 ratio for K-3 students
  • Hapra Dashboard for Chromebook management
  • Google Summit for all teaching staff
  • Read and Write licensing
  • Dreambox web-based training and licensing for math support
  • School visits and support
  • Professional development during school visits (iPads, Chromebooks, SMARTboards, etc.)
  • Math kits
  • Chutes and Ladders
  • Dreambox
  • Numeracy conference for school leads
  • Stanford online numeracy training for teachers
  • Jump Math
  • EQAO support
  • School visits
  • Professional development during school visits
  • Reading For The Love of It conference for the literacy leads
  • "I Love Reading" book bags
  • Fountas and Pinnell literacy kits
  • Fountas and Pinnell assessment kits
  • EQAO support
  • Confederation College TA training course
  • Read and Write
  • Reading A-Z licenses
  • School visits
  • Professional development during school visits
Student Retention
  • Indspire conference for school leads
  • Cultural programming to support the outdoor classrooms
  • Consultation with school staff and community members for outdoor programming
  • Organization of activities to support student retention
  • School visits
  • Professional development during school visits