The First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP) is a program designed to help support First Nation educators and students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 on reserve. FNSSP seeks to support the ongoing efforts to improve student and school results and supports activities in the areas of reading and writing (literacy), mathematics (numeracy), encouraging students to remain in school (student retention), and technology.

Three Components of FNSSP Activities

The activities funded through this program are required to include three interrelated

1) School Success Plans - These set out goals, activities, and targets to help improve the
student achievement levels in literacy, numeracy, and student retention.

2) Student Learning Assessments - Designed to support the school success planning process. Schools participate in appropriate standardized testing. The assessment results help to identify areas of improvement.

3) Performance Measurement - A way for schools to assess, report, and take the necessary steps to accelerate the progress made by students and schools. Performance measurement allows schools to set targets and monitor the results to help inform parents and community members.


Through the FNSSP proposal, KOBE has been able to hire the following staff to support the five KO schools in the areas of literacy, numeracy, student retention, and technology:

  • Jonathan Woolley - FNSSP Coordinator
  • Stephanie Mushinski - Assessment Lead
  • Annette Berry - Early Literacy Lead
  • Barb Matousek - Later Literacy Lead
  • Rose Kakekagumick - Numeracy Lead
  • Darcia Curtis - Student Retention Lead
  • Melissa Major - 21st Century Technology Lead
  • Lyle Johnson - Technology Coordinator